terça-feira, 23 de outubro de 2007


A visit to the sea

I have gone to pay a visit to the sea. I have just gotten back with it captured in my bosom. I deeply breathed it with the adequate conviction in order to captivate it inside myself. I also brought it impressed in my eyes ─ I have looked at myself in the mirror to make sure it did ─ I have seen it bursting in waves of a whiteness of angel’s trumpets… It was actually alone, infuriated and with a surly countenance. I enjoy overtaking it like this. The container sliding off the wharf does not let me lie. As the ship was making for the open sea ─ the prow piercing into that restless ground ─ the billows frisked over in a foam flurry. At that time I was already on top of Boa Viagem (Good Voyage) ridge of mountains with a large deep horizon in front of my eyes. I was longing for its absolute and restlessness voice.
Just after lunch, I had taken my two old chaps with whom I have ridden here and there and started for Figueira da Foz (a city by the sea). We took the old road, more easygoing and humanised.
Since the fast lane has taken up post, the old one turned little by little into a carless road, according to the old fashioned way, but with those wonders that the fast lanes no longer possess.
I have not gone there for a long time…
(Cristóvão de Aguiar)

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touché disse...

Oi,Cristóvão: vim conhecer teu blog e ver o mar através dos teus olhos de poeta. Agradeço sua visita ao meu blog e te desejo uma ótima semana.

Cyrano de Bergerac

Cyrano de Bergerac
Eugénio Macedo - 1995


A Cristóvão de Aguiar, junto
do qual este poema começou a nascer.

Atlântico até onde chega o olhar.
E o resto é lava
e flores.
Não há palavra
com tanto mar
como a palavra Açores.

Manuel Alegre
Pico 27.07.2006